Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I see where Apple now has

a wristwatch out for consumer reviews that has internet access.

Back in the day comic strip character Dick Tracy had a 2 way wrist radio and taped the antenna, a piece of wire, to his arm. It later evolved to a 2 way wrist TV. He'd sign out with "Six-two even, over and out."

Betcha Chester Gould, Tracy's writer, never invisioned that Tracy would be able to Google things from his watch.

This is an amazing age we live in and what makes it more interesting is that we have all of this amazing stuff yet people in Africa are not even able to get enough to eat.

It's really quite sad when you think about it.

A while back some of the MIT boys developed a computer that was supposed to be so cheap that it would enable the poorest in Africa to have internet access.

It made no sense when you thought about it because starving people do not need the internet. They need food to eat before they can even think about going on line.

I guess that when this was pointed out the boys decided to invent a toilet of some kind that they could use in villages to stop the spread of disease.

Close but no cigar. They don't need a toilet if nobody's eating. They need food. The order of things is that you eat first and then use the toilet. 

While I am all for the reduction of disease, the priority seems to be getting these people something to eat. 

Actually the priority is getting these people so they can grow something to eat. 

Right now in first world countries there is a hue and cry over genetically modified foods. While the arguments seem to hold water, it strikes me that the genetic engineers could put their skills to better use than making agri-manufacturers higher profits at the expense of our health.

They could maybe modify grains so they could grow in places that seem to have a less than abundant supply of water.

That way the people in question could become able to feed themselves.

Then they could use the special disease preventing toilets and after that the inexpensive computers the MIT boys devise.

Let's keep technology in its proper perspective.

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