Monday, February 15, 2010

I got a haircut today and it was pretty interesting.

Actually, it wasn't a haircut, it was a shave.

I had stopped shaving about a week or so ago because of the heavy snows. I was growing my beard back, but today I decided not to as the years have turned my facial hair into a color that makes me look likke a derelict if I don't shave unless I braek out the Grecian formula.

The Grecian formula thing ain't gonna happen, so it was time to shave.

Being next to a barbershop it was too easy to let someone else mow my face.

While sitting there I watched one of the three barbers cut the hair of a couple of young guys. The man was an artist. A true artist.

The young guys were black, and from the looks of their hair, it was pretty hard to cut in the style that they seemed to want, yet that barber made it look pretty easy.

He was patient, and pretty painstaking and really took his time. You could see from his face that he was concentrating on the customers face and head shape and taking all things into consideration.

He didn't seem to be fighting with the natural curl of the customers hair, but using it to his aadvantage.

All in all, it was a pretty neat thing to watch.

The guy that shaved me was no slouch, either, but a shave on an old goat like me is a very straight forward thing. I really didn't get to see his talent.

I'm seriously thinking of letting my hair grow for a few months and walking in and seeing what that excellent barber can do to an old white guys hair.

Betcha he makes me look pretty damned good.

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