Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last night beforebed I had an excellent idea

fortoday's blog,but this morningIcan'tremember what it was for the life of me.

I should have written it down because now I have to think up something to write about, which I alerady have.

Some people have great memories for stuff like that, but I don''t. Million dollar ideas just slip through me, yet I can identify every single person in my second grade photograph, which is wierd.

This is no new development, I've been that way for years and years. At work and just about everywhere else I carry a pad and use it for things I deem important.

One of the things I do is lay things out in order to remind me of where it goes and/or when.

Of course, there is an enemy to this mad method.

Enter the compulsive cleaner-upper. This person will ruin you every time.

Back when I was traveling by 25' sailboat, the auxillary engine was a Honda 9.9 outboard. The engine ran fine, but the recoil started ate ropes like nobody's business. I got a spare recoil starter and could change them out in seconds.

I would put the broken one right on the deck of the main salon where it would be kicked and tripped over until I fixed it and stowed it because I knew that if I put it in the proper drawer, it would be forgotten.

A bitter fight developed over this because my shipmate was a compulsive cleaner upper.He would put it away, and out of sight meant out of mind and it would not get fixed. He'd put it away, I'd put it back on deck. Finally I got a lag and bolted it to the deck and there it stayed until I fixed it.

Only then would it go back into the drawer.

Of course, right now there are oil samples that are unlabeled laying next to their respective engines and they were pulled a couple of days ago. They will stay there until this afternoon when I will use that as an excuse to make another round during the cargo transfer.

It generally takes a chewing out before the compulsive cleaners get the message to leave things like that alone.

It is a crude, primitive systen, I'll admit, but it works.

I'll admit that having a weakness like that can be a problem, but you can generally work around things like that if you are willing to improvise and work at overcoming it. It just means you have to work a little harder.

Gotta go, the radio just went off.

Pic, out

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