Saturday, February 20, 2010

The snow is melting pretty quickly on the boat,

which is a good sign.

The snow is/was an annoyance and I hae having it. It is a joy to watch it disappear, even though it means having to change shoes because it becomes water and you sometimes get you fee wet when you pull a scupper plug out to drain it.

It is a joy to watch the snow disappear.

I am presently enjoying a period of weather that is above freezing now and the snow on the steel deck is turning to water.

In addition to my usual rounds, I fully intend to enjoy the day by taking occasional walks around the deck specifically for the puropse of watching the snow melt.

It is a joy.

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  1. What in the blue blazes is a scupper plug? You boat people talk funny.

    Safe voyage Pic!