Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm getting pretty tired of everything being so

damned political these days.

Someone just sent me a U-tube video of the Little Rascals, which I have not seen since Methuslah wore knickers. It made me chuckle.

I hard somewhere that someone had bought the rights to those short subjects and they would never be shown again because they were deemed so damned racist.

What a crock!

When Hal Roach made those movies there was not a single mean bone in his body. The Rascals were just kids of the era being kids. Plain and simple.

If you notice, Buckwheat and Stymie, two of the black characters, were simply members of the gang.

Kids don't generally notice little dopey details like race or color very much. They simply note the obvious, which is that maybe one of the kids IS a different color and they forget about it. It isn't until some idiot grownup points out that they are different and teaches the kid to hate.

So Buckwheat and Stymie are full fledged members of the gang, unlike some of the token minorities that seem to pop up where they are neither wanted nor respected as anything BUT token minorities to get idiots like Jesse and Al off their backs.

Of course, times have changed and there are a lot of places where color truly does not make a difference and that's good. It shouldn't. A person should be judged on their merits and only by their merits.

It really galls me that I will never again get to see the Little Rascals shorts anymore because someone has decided that they are some wierd sort of racist crap that has been read into them by someone with a chip on their shoulder.

I am going to never get to see another one of those funnt short subject movies made by Hal Roach again and see the humor in a group of kids of the 30s simply being kids.

Because of that, life will become a little bit more dreary and there will be one less thing on the planet for me to laugh about.

That truly is sad.

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