Thursday, February 28, 2013

By all means, leave.

Before I get started on this post I remember that the half-gallon Jack Daniels bottle I use for iced tea in the nice weather bit the dust.

If any of you readers have an empty you would like to contribute to the cause, please let me know.

I don't drink Jack but the label is universally recognized and while the neighbors know there is iced tea in it, poeple that drive by don't.

Besides, in the summer there is a fairly steady stream of kids going up and down the hill I live on and a few times in July and August a kid will see me in the yard and ask if he can have a drink out of the garden hose.

I generally offer him some iced tea instead because there in nothing funnier than watching a nine year old guzzle down about 12 ounces of an amber colored liquid of a Jack Daniels bottle and say, "Thanks, Mr. Pic. You're a pal!"

Our local partol officer has seen it and he told me "It looks like hell. Funny as all git-go, but it does look like hell."

Anyway, I am looking for a half-gallon JD bottle.


In Wyoming there is a state representative named Hans Hunt.

Recently a woman wrote him explaining that she had moved there to have a nice place to bring her children up and so on and disagreed with the current policy Wyoming has on firearms and fracking.

She said that she and her husband had just arrived and were reconsidering their move to that state.

Hans Hunt minced no words and told he that if she didn't like it, then "By all means, leave."

I like guys like him. He met her threat of leaving head on and let her know she isn't as high and mighty as she thinks she is.

"I’ll be blunt," he wrote back. "If you don’t like the political atmosphere of Wyoming, then by all means, leave. We, who have been here a very long time (I am proudly 4th generation) are quite proud of our independent heritage."

I have to give Hunt credit because he didn't answer her in typical political doublespeak like I have received from my senators here in Pennsylvania. He simply told her that if she didn't like it, she was free to go back to where she came from.

Of course, the woman said that it would be a shame if educated people of childbearing years left, but the way I see it there are educated people and college idiots. This woman is likely one of the latter.

Why did she move there in the first place?

This kind of stuff happens all the time in this country and I have written about people from New Jersey moving to North Carolina before and dragging the reasons they left Jersey along with them. North Carolina isn't far from becoming another sewer if the Jerseyites keep moving south.

The left one sewer and arrive at a paradise on earth only to bring the crap they left and turn their new home into a sewer like the one they left.

One of the neatest guys I ever met was from India and moved to Texas. I met him in the airport in Mobile, Alabama a while back. I posted about him a while ago. Neat guy.

He looked a little out of place with his obvious dark Indian complexion and a western cut suit. He had the big Stetson, the silver belt buckle, bolo tie and the boots.

If his complexion wasn't so dark he'd fit right in standing next to Boss Hogg or someone.

I approached him and politely told him I was curious as to why a guy like him was dressed in such a manner and his face lit up.

His face lit up. "Because I live in Texas," he said, proudly.

He went on to explain that when he moved from India he did his homework and decided to move to Texas and raise his family there because Texan children are brought up with manners.

He pointed out that when he moved there he made it a point to become a Texan, accept their ways and go about his business.

I asked him how he got along with the locals and he somewhat surprised me. Sometimes Texans can be a little difficult toward outsiders, but I'd bet it's just to the ones that move there and try and change things.

He said he had no problems with the locals and in fact he felt he had been taken in by them as one of them. I have to admit I was mildly surprised until he explained that he had moved to Texas to become a Texan and left India behind him when he arrived.

I asked him what he thought of Tex-Mex food and he grinned and said he made a pretty good bowl of red. Chili making in Texas is pretty much a guy thing and he had a recipe he was proud of.

I was glad to have spent an hour with him while waiting for my plane.

The Wyoming new arrival, Rev. Audette Fulbright, it seems has not done here homework and didn't know where she had moved to and apparently doesn't like it there very much.

If she did like it she would not be trying to change things and threatening to leave if she doesn't get her way. People like that amuse me. I had a coworker threaten to quit once if he wasn't promoted. He was promptly told that if he meant it he should start packing up his stuff. I'll admit, Iaughed.

She goes into the category of those imbiciles that move into a house at the end of a runway of a large airport that has been there for decades and want the airport to close.

Apparently Hans Hunt has just informed her that he has no plans on closing the airport, so to speak.

I hope she leaves and takes a bunch of college idiots with her. She obviously has mistaken having a degree for having an education.

I also hope she doesn't move to Pennsylvania. She's not welcome here as far as I'm concerned. We have enough idiots like that.

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