Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sometimes i wish the government would just go away.

Someone is watching TV and the Dems are trying to tax the rich again which is a stupid thing to do because the rich will just do one of two things.

They will either leave or they will simply sit on their capital and let it do nothing.

The rich did not get rich by being stupid and they will find a way to keep their money and I'd be damned if I blamed them because I likely would do the same damned thing.

There are a lot of businesses that have moved over the years and when you look at why you can bet that the cost of taxes was either at or near the top of the list.

The next thing on the news is a bunch of Pakistanis burning the American flag which particularly frosts my ass because we give them a boatload of money every year when we should be simply napalming mobs like that simply so pilots can stay in practice.

Of course it we cut the money off then as far as I am concerned they can hate us all they want. As I write I think that if the government cut them off and let a few private charities send a few things there they would likely be less to hate us.

What I would like to know is where the money we give the Pakistanis comes from. We don't have any of our own to give away so we borrow it.

We borrow money to give away to people that hate us.

Of course the majority of Americans do not work for the government so they have a terrible time of understanding why we do this. To the average Joe this seems like a pretty stupid thing to do.

To those people in government that do this they likely think that the average Joe out there doesn't understand such matters but I think otherwise.

The average Joe deals with the same stuff on a smaller level. The average Joe doesn't pay someone to behave themselves. He simply beats the living $hit out of those that don't behave themselves and calls it good.

It makes sense to me.

I also heard we are giving money to Syria.

Screw these people except for the Kuwaitis. Back when we got clobbered with Hurricane Katrina the only people that came to try and help us out were the Kuwaitis which I suppose they did out of thanks because we booted the Iraqis out of there for them.

I actually wrote a thank you note to the Kuwaitis for that.

Why in hell do we give huge chunks of money away to people that don't appreciate it?

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