Saturday, February 16, 2013

fresh snow.

used to be something nice to look at but these days just seeing the stuff makes me start to shiver. I hate it.

Actually I have never liked snow very much since I was little and used to go sledding down Suicide Hill at about three or four times the speed of light. There was a frozen pond at the bottom and we'd got maybe 50 or 60 yards out onto that if the hill was slick.

Yesterday was a day of preperation for the upcoming shooting match in late March and I prepped about 120 rounds.

Like I said the other day, it is a slow, tedious process because instead of just prepping the brass and loading it up I have to disassemble a round, rezize it, retrim it, reweigh the charge and reassemble it. Using an inertia puller to take the rounds apart makes for a slow process.

One thing about the inertia puller is that it does not damage the bullet and that is a very good thing.

I am now set up for another season almost. As soon as I can score some powder I will be good to go, although I do have enough to start the season with.

ANyway, I may just have to go out in the snow up to the range and crony a few rounds so as to get some idea of how to lay out my sight adjustment from a 200 yard zero. The muzzle velocity means a lot when you are doing this kind of shooting. You have to be able to calculate drop to be able to adjust your sights.

One other thing, last night a neighbor accidentally broks a garage door window which I have to fix today and that will cost me time. The pane is a single pane that they put in back in '48 when GI Joe had the house built so he could be fruitful and multiply.

And now I have to deal with God the Toaster in which there is a bagel. The toaster started being called 'God the Toaster' because it works in strange and mysterious ways.

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  1. I stopped enjoying snow when I became a "Mandatory Employee" and thus I was then required to work snow days. Blah