Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting a car inspected takes 2 days

mainly because the timing on my insurance cards sucks.

I am due to get inspected on February which is OK but my insurance card comes in late January and is dated as being effective in March.

Of course when it comes I simply replace the old one with the new one in my wallet and when I go to use it to get  my car inspected it looks like I don't have insurance. Of course, every cop out there knows that my post dated insurance card is good and they pay no attention to it.

However, mechanics that inspect cars donot havethe luxury of being able to use common sense so I have to call my insurance company and get another one. This in itself is a niusance, but what is worse is that it takes a couple of times because people do not listen.

They simply send me another card dated for March and I have to call back and reexplain and when I do they always say "Why didn't you say that in the first place!" which, of course, I did.

Sometimes I get the second one back with the wrong VIN on it because we have three cars on the policy or they give me the wrong middle initial.

Getting the insurance card generally takes all day and then the next day I get inspected which generally takes just a couple of hours.

I suppose I am to blame for part of this because I throw the old card away as soon as the new one comes in. Still, you'd think they's allow the mechanics to exercise a little common sense in regards to something like this.

I guess it's just partof the price I pay to live in Pennsylvania because it's a commonwealth and as a result they do a few things front-assed backwards.

Anyway, I talked to the mechanic yesterday and I think I have found one with a can do attitude because after I had tried to get squared away a couple of times he told me he knew how to fix it.

I gave him my insurance information and he didn't call my broker, he called someone he knows in a district office and today I will be good to go.

I do need tires,though and seeing the OEM ones have lasted 47,500 miles I spent a couple extra bucks to replace them with the ones Toyota put on the truck at the factory.

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