Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The more the Free $hit Army gets the poorer we all get.


Think about it a minute. There is the obvious and that is that the poor bastard going to work gets poorer because he has to pay taxes to pay for the Free $hit Army. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

The truth is that the more free $hit the FSA gets, the poorer we all get and that positively includes the people that are recieving the free stuff. When you think about it the recipients are the ones that really lose if you consider other non-financial factors.

By giving someone an EBT card you are not making them richer. You are making their lives poorer.

You are taking the easy way out.

If course the people that are running these programs have a vested interest in getting people to accept a government handout. If not enough people accept government charity they will be out of a pretty good paying job.

Because of this the people running the program renamed the cards a while back and started calling them 'Dignity Cards'.

Dignity, my ass.

While it is the job of a funeral director to take a person that feels bad and make them feel worse, the people in the welfare office take poor people and make them poorer.

One of the things the government welfare department robs them of is incentive to succeed. With a living coming in for no effort, why even bother?

It also propogates another attitude after a while because the law of physics comes into play. A body in motion tends to stay in mothin while a body at rest tends to stay at rest.

If a job paying $1000 a week is offered a person making $800 a week the attitude is why bother going to work for only $200 a week?

I sure wouldn't if I could skate by on $800, unless the job was interesting. Why would anyone?

The truth is that by making life easy for someone you are making them a lot poorer and stripping their life of quality. The recipients will go through life devoid of any pride and dignity that you receive from improving one's self.

Granted there are a very small handful of people that are so severely retarded that they can't take care of themselves but these are really few and far between.

A friend that once worked in a sheltered workshop told me that a lot of Down Syndrone kids that work there are grateful as hell to have something constructive to do and take an awful lot of pride in their work no matter how simple it is.

As I write this I am somewhat pissed off because my boss just handed me quite a hideous can of worms to handle and it is going to be a miserable experience.

I griped, I bitched, I raised hell over it but when it was all over and done with, I've buckled down and I am going to give it my best possible shot. I'm pretty good at my job and I would imagine I will figure out something.

Still, when I succeed I will have something to be proud about and those that are on the dole doing nothing with their lives are cheating themselves out of the thrill of victory and the sour taste of defeat.

They will be poorer for not having stood up to the plate and at least tried.

One can feel like they are poor because they don't have a cell phone or the latest technology but I fail to see why.

I do reasonably well financially but have little technology save a beat up old combat laptop and a basic cell phone. I don't bother with a smart phone. If I want to go on line I'll fire up the laptop.

Poverty that is generational is a cycle that comes from family values passed down from generation to generation and no amount of government assistance is going to overcome it. Poor people are poor because they have accepted it.

If they didn't accept poverty they would certainly find a way out of it. It may require moving to another place where the opportunities are or doing something different.

There is opportunity out there.

Over the years I have run into any number of poor people and when I told them what I did for a living they either said that they wouldn't go away from their families or asked me how to get hired.

I have done this through the years hundreds of times and given them the phone or address of people that I knew for a fact had entry level jobs open yet only one or maybe two have ever applied for the job.

A good friend of mine lost a damned good job a while ago and he moped around a bit until he got tired of being a failure and went back to work as a janitor until things change.

While he certainly isn't doing anywhere near as well as he had been before his employer's company caved in, he's at least busy and bringing in a paycheck.

While he's scratching his ass financially he's far from poor. He still has his self respect.

Besides costing a lot of working stiffs a lot of money, the government ought to do away with most of the social programs and give those that want it their dignity back.

It will be hard for the poor at first and many of them will likely stay poor but at least it will be their choice.

It will also do a lot to help making the government solvent and lowering the national debt.

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