Sunday, February 17, 2013

I met a kindred soul yesterday at Lowe's.

My sense of humor seems to get me into trouble sometimes and yesterday I let my mouth run away with me.

I was in the Lawn and Garden department and saw Tiki torches and pitchforks in the same aisle and not too far apart. I looked at the nearby sales guy anc commented he could should tape a Tiki torch to a pitchfork and sell them as a package for people to use when they visit their congress critter's office.

He replied, "I'm a tar and feathers guy, myself." and took me straight over to the roofing and insulation areas and showed me around. He pointed out that feather pillows are harder to come by these days and showed me some very nice blown cellulose insulation that should substitute for feathers quite nicely.

He also explaied to me that the roofing tar they sell should be cut slightly with diesel to make it easier to apply to naked politicians and then we returned to the home and garden department and he pointed out that there were a number of very nice fence rails on sale there which should prove useful for running politicials out of town with.

I pointed out that the traditional badge of a gnarled peasant uprising is the torch and pitchfork and we came to an agreement.

While the torch and pitchfork procession should probably still lead the visit to Senator Casey's office to express displeasure, I certainly see no problem with the roofing tar and cellulose section following along.

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