Thursday, February 14, 2013

Now I have to think up something to post today

WHich I guess won't take a whole lot to do because I have just gotten the worst part of the daily posting out of the way. Theworst part of just about any project is simply getting started.

Once you get started the rest of whatever you are doing will generally take care of itself until you finish. A while ago I had to move a bunch of cinder blocks and sat there thinking about it for a couple of days. When I simply got to the point where I realized it simply had to be done I went out there and picked up the first one and after that I simply repeated the process for a little more than an hourand then the job was done.

I felt foolish for a bit because I had put things off for a while but it was good remembering the truth of things and when I got started all of the annoyance and apprehension went away and simple basic instinct took over.

Just getting started was enough to break the inertia and get things rolling.

If you drive a manual transmission and I do, then you realize that first gear is just there to break the inertia and get you going. Nobody ever goes anywhere in first gear, they just get started and shift to a higher gear almost instantly.

Same goes for life. You get something started and generally the rest of things tend to take care of themselves.

And because I got started and wrote about it, you readers have another post to peruse.

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