Sunday, February 10, 2013

Zombie Invasion

Well, it didn't take a long time for me to get Nebby Larry going again.

I'll admit that this time I didn't just respond to him when he passed by and started something. This time I was laying for him looking for him to set up.

When he passed I was taking a rifle out of my truck. He just had to ask what I was doing with a rifle so I took my cue.

"I'm staying prepared for the Zombie Appocolypse," I said.

"What is that?" he asked.

"Zombies," I said solomnly. "Coming this way. I seen 'em."

"What do you mean?"he asked,with kind of a wide-eyed look."

"Zombies are headed this way and we are probably going to have to fight them off," I replied. "You have to shoot zombies in the head to stop them. If you don't and they bite you then you become one of the. You should use special ammo for them." With that I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a box of Hornady Zombie Max ammunition.

I took the rifle into the garage and opened the inside door and put it in the cellar. On the way out I clicked on the coffeemaker I sometimes keep in the garage for festive occasions. Most of the local police officers like a cup of joe with cream and sugar. I already had a styrofoam cup prepped.

I came back out before Larry left and opened the box of Zombie Max and removed one of the cartridges and pointed out to him that Zombie Max ammunition has a special green tip designed especially for bursting the heads of zombies open and that the stuff is accurate out to almost 1000 yards.

Then I described how to hit a zombie straight in the center of the forehead and explode his brains so as to take him out of the wrold of the undead and make him truly dead.

He stood there agape listening to every word, and when I was done I told him I had to check up on things and that I had a lot to do. I went inside the garage and closed the door and peeped out as Larry shuffled off. He to the lot line when I saw his cell phone come out and looked at the fresh coffee and poured myself a cup. Then I opened the garage door.

And waited.

I didn't have to wait for long before a familiar face appeared through the window of the police cruiser he was driving. He rolled down the window.

"Are there firearms out," he asked.

"Got them secured," I replied and poured him a cup, put a lid on it and carried it out to him. He nodded gratefully.

"What's with the zombies?" he asked.

I put that special straight face on. The one that says that I am lying through my teeth. It's a very solomn look with just a touch of smirk in in.

"I am preparing for the Zombie Invasion," I said. "I was explaining it to Larry."

"Aren't we all?" he replied."Better practice your head shots."

I held out my box of Zombie Max. He put down his coffee, took the box, opened it and removed one of the cartridges.

"The green tip is a nice touch," he said. "Where can I get a box?" he chuckled.

"Maybe Dick's after the panic subsides," I replied. "I think they're A-Max with a different color tip."

He handed me back the box, smiling.

"Thanks for the coffee," he said,and drove off.

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