Friday, February 22, 2013

How I got 67 followers is beyond me

I now have sixty-seven followers which makes me wonder why in the name of Sam Hill that sixty-seven people want to listen to the grumblings of an old sailorman.

Damned if I know why.

I don't have an education in economics and really don't understand how a country can operate on a deficeit because I sure the hell can't.

If I put something on a charge card I pay it off at the end of the month. If I buy something I pay for it.

If I decide to go off on a bender of some sort (It has been several decades since I have) I stop drinking when I run out of money.This is unlike the government that keeps spending when it runs out of money.

I have a checking account and every so often it runs out of money and needs replentishing. Generally when it does run out of money I have checks left over but because I have nothing in the account I can't write any.

I do know how to count which seems to be something few people know how to do because if the people in power knew how it is likely we would not be $16 trillion in debt.

I am not a politician because as a sailor I live in a world of absolutes. There are many absolutes out here. For example if your draft exceeds the depth of the water it is an absolute that you are aground and all the denial, hand-holding and Kumbaya singing isn't going to change that.

If that happens your only hope is that you have gone aground at low tide and you can refloat yourself when the tide comes in. If not you are screwed.

I am not a political analyst. I simply vote for whichever party wants to spend the least and do the least damage to the bill of rights.

I wish no harm on anyone and simply wish you would keep your religion or sexuality out of my face as it is simply none of my business and I don't care to hear about it.

If you are religious, fine by me. Don't beat on my door to sell it to me.

Same hold true if you are gay, straight or other. I really don't give a shit. Marry who you choose if your state permits it. If you want to marry a halibut and can reasonably prove that the halibut wants to go along with it, that's fine by me. If you two decide to have sex in a motel, please have the decency to tip the poor maid well. She is going to have one hell of a mess to clean up.

If you decide to drop by my place carrying a legal firearm that is OK by me. Please leave it in your holster unless it is needed for some good reason. If if is, please use good marksmanship.

If you want to bring something like narcotics or other contraband in my house, expect to see me call the local gendarmes. I am not going to let you endanger me with your stupidity.

I am generally a pretty easygoing guy and wish no harm on anyone that is trying to do me no harm.

I am little more than a 61 year old sailor and have lived that way for a large portion of my life. I can not fathom why sixty seven people are interested in what I have to say.

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  1. you can make it 68 followers...

  2. You are a prolific writer and you have something interesting to write about. Your posts will often start with one concept and then wander into another concept.

    Of course, we can also chart it up to morbid curiosity. IE: "Where is this post going to end up today?" Kind of like a train wreck, we don't want to be involved in it but we want to tell our grandkids "No shit, there I was..." Heh. =o)

  3. Because you are a prety good writer\story teller and you're pretty funny.

  4. I'm interested in your ramblings because they always make me smile. I share your beliefs and occasionally enjoy a public prank, although I can't compete w/ the Seeing Eye Cat.