Friday, February 1, 2013

Is everyone out of their minds?

We've had a school shooting and people want to put up BIGGER 'gun free zone' signs and take away firearms from law abiding citizens.

Are we really that damned stupid?

I know that there are a lot of people out there that don't like logic because when it is used on them they lose their arguments, but I'm going to use it anyway.

The school in Sandy Hook was already a gun free zone and the killer ignored the signs.

Everyone ignores signs.

If everyone obeyed signs we wouldn't have littering or speeding or people parking where they are not supposed to.

We wouldn't have people making right turns on red where they are not supposed to, everyone would stop completely at stop signs and nobody would drive drunk.

We have so many signs that out highways and byways look worse than they did back in the days of billboard advertising before Lady Bird Johnson pushed her husband to push congress to pass the highway beautification act of 1965.

There are so many signs out there that I once heard someone giving directions tell someone to go to a 'Keep Right' sign and turn left.

So now we think that keeping schools gun free zones is going to protect children.

Yeah, right.

We think that gun control is going to save lives, but places like Chicago where it is near impossible to legally get a firearm has the highest murder rates in the world.

Yet people still think that by outlawing something will make it go away.

Why don't they just outlaw the sale of cocaine? If they did that, it will go away, right?

What? You say it IS illegal?

You don't say! Who'da ever thought?

If these laws work, then how come we have a cocaine problem?

The truth is that laws don't work. If they did we would be living in Utopia. There would be no crime.

So if we have established that people do not obey signs and break the law why do we protect our children with signs?

If the cities with the most gun control have the highest murder rate why do we try and ban firearms? Are we trying to get more people killed? Because if we are, we are most certainly on the right track.

All gun control seems to do is to get people killed.

I have been out and about since Sandy Hook and witnessed the biggest civilian armament I have ever seen in my llife. I went into gun stores and saw people looking at blank walls because the dealer had nothing to sell except a couple of worn out shotguns.

I have a shooting match coming up in March and right now I can't find target ammunition anywhere because it is all sold out. People have started to stash enough firearms to start a revolution which we may very well see.

A poll I recently saw said that abut two-thirds of the people asked would not turn in anything that congress outlaws. They'll just hide them. God knows how many criminals will be made by the stroke of a pen.

Of course, the next step is that illegal firearms will be the next prohibition and because it will be outside of the law there will be no running to the police if a deal goes sour. Expect yet more violence, after all what happens when drug deals go sour?

The next thing I would like to know is who is going to enforce any federal bans?

Several of the states have already enacted legislation prohibiting anyone from the federal government from enforcing the law in their state. In some of these states the federal agents will be faced with felony charges.

While the federal law does trump state law, the point is that the feds are not likely to get a whole lot of support from the states. In short, several of the states have told the feds to stuff it.

A huge (and growing) number of county sheriffs have told the people in their respective counties that they are not going to enforce federal gun laws. A larger number of of the local departments are not going to, either.

Besides, there are an awful lot of state, county and local policemen that own firearms that are on the list of weapons they are trying to ban. Most of them are not planning on turning theirs in, either, adding to the general contempt and disobedience of the law.

A couple of weeks ago I talked with a policeman and he outright told me that there was no way in hell he was turning in his.

So who is going to enforce this? The FBI? The BATFE?

HAH! Fat chance! They don't have anywhere enough agents and besides, they have bigger fish to fry.

New York just enacted legislation overnight and it has immediately been challenged in court and it will be interesting to see just how far things go in this case.

Teddy Roosevelt once said that our freedoms are defended by four boxes. The soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box.

Right now the law in New York will be facing the jury box and it will be interesting to see if the people in upper state New York open the cartridge box if the jury box fails.

If that happens bring body bags. Someone's going to get hurt.

We protect our money with guns. We protect our freedoms with guns. We protect our children with little 'gun free zone' signs.

What's wrong with this picture? Are our children only worthy of a sign hung on the wall somewhere to protect them?

Why do we send our children off to a place where there is no protection for them whatsoever save a sign?

As I write this now I looked up and saw on the news that there was another school shooting but the shooter didn't get very far. Someone interfered with his plans and stopped him.

As far as I have heard he didn't stop the little thug by waving a sign in his face. He used a gun. Who would have ever thought such a thing?

It also seems like metal detectors at school entrances do not work, either because it was reported that the schools had them in place. Like a lot of things a determined kid, and the shooter was a student, found a way to get it past it.

The fools out there that want to ban firearms might just as well get their heads out of the sand and realize that we're too far down the pike to fix things here with a simple ban. Life really isn't that simple. Banning something doesn't make it go away.

The truth of the matter is that bans are likely to make things worse. The Colombine tragedy took place right in the middle of the Clinton gun ban. A lot of good that ban did.

It is time to face up to the truth here and the truth is that until the people in this country change their ways that things like this are going to go on and on and on.

It's not the guns, it's the people, most of whom have had a travesty of an education from school systems that do a piss-poor job of even trying to build character.

Hell, most teachers have not spent a whole lot of time learning anything practical themselves. I'd have to say that not a whole lot of them have any experience in the private sector. How can you teach something practical if you have no practical real world experience?

The social welfare systems also don't do a very good job of building self-esteem, either. They allow people to take the easy way out and not discover their own self-worth. It's easier to get on the system and not have to take care of yourself. It's also a ticket to a low sense of value.

It must be hard to look at yourself and see a failure in the mirrror while collecting because you see people around you working and being successful and you are not. If you were you would be taking care of yourself.

The other thing that contributes to the violence in this country is that the media goes hog wild doting all over the perpetrator of a horrible deed. They plaster his face all over the place and he becomes a household name.

For someone with no self-esteem this is a pretty good way to become notorious and get a name for one's self. Remember that Hollywood types always say that 'bad press is better than no press'.

Until things change and we get back to taking care of ourself and working on building out character then none of this is going to go away. All the gun bans in the word will do no good whatsoever.

Ever notice that crime in general is down when everyone is busy working and the economy is good? It seem that when the economy is good and everyone is working that people are too busy taking care of themselves.

Another very important thing that will help stop a lot of violence is getting people back to work and you do that by making it easier and more profitable for businesses to run.

Seems with all of the taxation, interfering rules and regulations that the government seems to be throwing to make things 'fair' that nobody wants to invest any money.

Why should they if they can't expect a decent return on it? I sure the hell wouldn't open a business in this enviornment and that leads to another thing.

In New York, with their recent ban there are a number of fine firearm makers there that have been making firearms for years. Remington has been in business for over 200 years.

I'd just bet that more than one of them are thinking of packing up and moving to a more business friendly place. If I was running the outfit I certainly would be running it past the accountants.

There are a lot of other places out there that not only are more gun friendly but a lot more business friendly than New York. If they do they ought to send a copy of every pink slip to the governor telling HIM to feed the people that just got let go.

I read that one place that has offered to let Remington operations move there will likely tune up their local community college to teach machinists so as to produce a work force for them as well as tax breaks.

Ilion, New York isn't in very good shape now financially and if Remington does move you can bet there will be another city in upper state New York on it's ass. Crime will likely increase. That's yet another unintended consequence of the New York ban.

Over the course of the nation's history the Second Amendment has done a lot more good than harm. Over two million times a year Americans use their rights to defend themselves. Generally no shots are fired becuase the forces of evil decide that maybe tangling with an armed citizen isn't such a good idea.

When you have something that works as well as the Second Amendment it's generally a good idea to leave it alone.

Then again, I'm using logic here and there's a snowball's chance that anyone in government or education is going to even consider thinking about things this way because it's a whole lot easier to hide behind emotions.

You get to feel like you have done something to change things even if you have changed them for the worse. You can go off somewhere and sing Kumbaya with your friends oblivious to the carnage you have created.

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