Saturday, July 20, 2013

I got up late today for the first time I can remember

I got up late today for the first time in as long as I can remember which is OK and feel a bit sluggish but that will wear off fast.

Yesterday's mail saw the confirmation of Morocco and Guadeloupe on my DXCC project which puts me down into the single digits to go classification. I've had 100 countries logged since around Sept 2012 but confirmation has been slow. My WAS project was the same way. I Worked all fifty states rather quickly yet it took months to confirm them all. The last one to confirm was SD and as soon as I figured I didn't want to wait I went on the air and re bagged SD and explained what was happening.

He has suffered a similar fate and Two days later his card came in.

The cat is being a cat now and for some reason likes to nibble my toes when I sit here barefoot. It sort of tickles.

This isn't much of a post but it'll have to do for now as I am still sluggish.

In the background I hear a pile up on a 13 year old Japanese ham presently in Saipan. While I want Saipan bad, I know I have no chance of bagging it because the signal from Saipan is weak and there is a pretty hefty pile up. The kid is handling it like a pro but there are a bunch of grown men in the pileup that are behaving like a bunch of little kids. Some of them have never heard of the DX Code of Conduct and are simply repeating their call signs with one second intervals. They're actually walking all over the kid.

I wouldn't tolerate that. I'd simply make a list of the call signs and tell them that they could go to hell and not to come back until they learn the DXCC.

Part of the reason I do not have a log full of QSOs from all over is because I don't chase them all over hell. I snipe them.

Right now I am doing just that with Saipan. I am letting propagation get better so I stand a chance in the pile up. When propagation gets better I'll jump into the fray.

Of course, the other night I did the opposite. I got frustrated in a pile-up and took a different tack. I shut down the big 100 watt set with its 43 foot vertical antenna and went into the driveway with the PRC-320 and ran up the little 2.5 meter whip. This allowed me to change my call sign to QRP (reduced power)and when I went back into the fray the first time I gave that call I was rewarded with an answer. I bagged the United Arab Emirates with 30 watts and a 2.5 meter whip for an antenna! Outrageous!

The little PRC 320 backpack rig doesn't have a lot of power but as someone else said, it sure has the mojo.

Anyway, I just got word that the President of the United States wants to honor a violent felon. Why don't these people give it a rest? The Sharpton?Jackson/NAACP gang seem to have way overplayed their hand. People are getting sick and tired of the race card getting played and the NAACP is going to feel a backlash one of these days and will get no sympathy from me.

They ought to be working to free their people by instilling a work ethic and encouraging education to get people unshackled from the golden handcuffs of welfare and governmental handouts. Instead they have taken it upon themselves to glorify a violent felon and crucify a man  that defended himself against a violent attack.

I am half tempted to join the organization simply because it would feel so good to quit the organization in protest to this crap.

Mr. Obama sure seems to be doing a fine job of splitting the country instead of uniting it.

Don't make me president, but make me dictator for ten years and I'll plumb this place up. I'll turn welfare into workfare and then watch that go belly up and disappear as the people in it will discover that maybe a job in the private sector ain't a bad deal as it would prove better than cleaning grease traps at an army base mess hall or pulling KP there. I'd give them the crappiest jobs available and make sure they were done right or else they won't get paid.

Retired drill sergeants: Job opportunity here. Your skills at implanting a work ethic are needed.

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