Sunday, July 28, 2013

I just saw a TV ad

for what is often referred to as survival rations which tells me that things are changing in the country.

It was an ad with a basic soccer mom explaining that one ought to stock up on such and such a brand of long term storage food.

While she didn't seem to be preaching doom and gloom, the ad in itself struck me as interesting because stocking up on stuff like this is generally the realm of people that have underground survival bunkers in Montana or somewhere.

People used to look at these survivalists as nut cases but I think that may be slowly changing. Time will tell.

It strikes me that there are getting to be more and more people out there that are growing concerned at what the future is likely to bring.

It was either very late last year or early this year that I posted what I saw at the rifle range. I saw a couple of soccer moms learning to shoot ARs which I could have attributed to a couple of women wanting to enter a sport. What knocked me for a loop was listening to them talking about interlocking fields of fire. Soccer moms don't talk that way.

With ammunition and reloading supplies still pretty hard to come by and .22LR damned difficult to come by I suppose it makes sense that there are a growing number of people out there that are starting to become concerned about what the future will bring.

It just makes sense that people are looking at their larders and wondering what they are going to do if the local supermarket goes belly up.

When you think about it the average home probably does not have a whole lot of stuff in it because people have grown pretty dependent on the food supply chain as it exists now.

For decades the chain delivering food to the public has been damned reliable, only seeming to break down for brief periods of major storms or earthquakes. People have gotten used to watching weather reports and if a storm seems to be in the offing they store up on bread, milk, eggs and live on French toast for a few days until the supermarket restocks these items.

Stull, there seems to have been a very limited market for things like dehydrated foods and those users have generally been people like backpackers that buy the stuff because it is light and fairly easy to prepare.

Survivalists and hikers have most likely been a big chunk of the market but when I saw the ad it struck me that TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) preparedness is getting ready to go mainstream.

It strikes me that the ads were not just thrown out there on speculation. Advertising is expensive and generally the advertisers check to see if a market exists before they start advertising.

Apparently there is a mainstream market out there or else they would not advertise on the mainstream media.

These are getting to be interesting times we live in when soccer moms are being shilled to by the people that provide long term survival food.

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