Thursday, July 18, 2013

WHay did you even come here?

A Danish politician recently told the immigrant Muslim community that if they don't like it there they ought to find another place to live.

She's right.

A while ago a politician in Wyoming told a new arrival pretty much the same thing when she wrote him a letter griping about the way things were in Wyoming and he told her 'by all means, leave'.

He's right. She moved there from some liberal enclave in Pennsylvania and brought all her trash with her and expects everyone to adapt to her ways.

She ought to leave.

To me life really is that simple. If you don't like the place you moved to, either go back to where you came from or go somewhere else that is more to your liking.

YOU are the one moving into SOMEONE ELSE'S home state/country/whatever and YOU are expected to adapt to their ways and not vice versa.

I met a guy from India once in an airport bar and he was someone I liked right from the git-go. 

He was dressed in a western suit, with the string tie, boots, hat and big silver belt buckle. When I asked he said he was from Texas.

He had moved to the States from India for the  opportunities here and looked around for several months and decided to raise his kids in Texas because he liked the fact that the kids there are raised a little more mannerly.

My curiosity about how he fit in in Texas which can sometimes be leery of outsiders interested me. I asked him how he got along with the Good Old Boys down there.

He said that as soon as he let it be known he wanted to be a Texan he was accepted rather quickly. 

I teasingly asked him if he had a six-shooter and he grinned and said he had both a six-shooter and a Winchester but they were locked away  because he has small children in the house. He also admitted he didn't shoot them very well.

He also admitted sheepishly that he was afraid of horses. I laughed and surmised to him that riding a bull was out of the question without at least half a bottle of tequila under his belt. He chuckled.

The truth is that if you don't do your homework and decide to move someplace and start trying to force YOUR values and customs on everyone else you have no business being upset when people tell you to go back to where you came from.

I have no intention of living under Sharia law, for example. If you want to live under Sharia law there are a lot of other places you can move to. 

I'd just love to see a few American politicians stand up to the people that move here and gripe.

I'd just love to see a politician tell illegal immigrants to go back to where they came from if they start getting upset that they have a hard time getting government benefits or want the government to impose Sharia law.

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  1. Thanks Pic, Now I can start running every stop sign I see, and spit on every sidewalk I cross in Pittsbugh with a clear conscious.

  2. Hey, if that's what the locals do, why not?