Saturday, July 27, 2013

The NAACP has sure slid down the tubes in the past several years.

The organization, the National Association for the ADVANCEMENT of Colored People sure seems to have slipped over the years and it is a shame.

Years ago it preached self-reliance, independence, education and fought for fair treatment and against racism. These days it seems to be fighting for governmental reliance, dependence and creating racism if you look at it carefully enough.

The organization that supported James Meridith registering and entering Ole Miss back in 1962 and fighting for the rights for blacks to enter schools and the workplace as equals has now reduced itself to supporting the actions of a violent felon that was shot during the commission of a brutal assault.

The logic of supporting such an individual does little but create a rift and create racism where it had once receeded.

It's a pretty long fall. It's also pretty sad when you look at it.

An organization that had once preached independence and self reliance appears to be making sure the membership gets their fair share of the welfare checks instead of an education. The education you used to preach would make it so people wouldn't need welfare checks. They'd be self-supporting and free.

This organization should be working hard to stop out of wedlock pregnancies and drug abuse in the community. They should be castigating deadbeat parents that allow their children to quit school and not get an education.

The organization ought to be quoting Henry Ford when he said that "Any man that thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian."

It should be telling parents to make their kids to pull up their pants, learn to speak the English language, get out there and study, do well in school and make something of themselves. Deadbeat parents should be pressured to teach their children that being an ignorant, foul mouthed thug with a chip on their shoulder isn't going to get them anywhere in the workplace.

They should be fighting against the people in the community that spread the scourge of drug dependence and enslave and poison the members of the community.

Instead of going to the support of people like James Meredith that wanted fair treatment in the educational system they seem to be supporting the right brutal assailants not to be shot during the execution of a felony.

What happened to the organization that preached to its membership the need of a work ethic and education as the road to self improvement? If they still preach it, I fail to see it.

Dr. King preached hard work, education and self reliance back in the day but these days his ethic seems to be fallen by the wayside. 

Why isn't the organization still preaching these ethics?

Maybe it's because you are not drawing a successsful crowd anymore. Back when the Montgomery Bus Boycott was going on you had a lot of people involved that were working and saw this as being worth taking time off from work to get involved. There were a lot of working class people involved in that strike because it was a truly worthwhile cause.

Take a look at your street gatherings now and you don't see a lot of successful people taking part. Likely it is because successful people couldn't be bothered with sticking up for the thug of the week you seem to support these days. They're too busy somewhere else being successful to bother.

These days NAACP gatherings seem to draw an awful lot of disemfranchised people that are on government assistance and ghetto rat troublemakers that have nothing better to do like go to work.

As I sit here writing and thinking about why things are the way things are inside the organization, I come to the conclusion that the organization has been bought off with liberal helpings of government assistance.

Which seems to put many blacks back where they were back in the old days, in slavery.

Of course, the old steel manacles have been replaced. As has the whip.

These days the manacles are the golden handcuffs of welfare, governmental assistance, set-asides and other programs which are an insult to an entire race. The whip has been replaced with a fear of losing the free lunch. It also fires the angry fires of racism that seemed to have died to fading, dying embers over the past several years.

Then again, maybe the organization needs racism to have a purpose. I know that Al and Jesse do. If racism goes away completely those two will have to get honest jobs.

It's a damned shame to have to see such a once fine organization as the NAACP fall so far.

Incidentally, don't waste your time trying to pin a Klan jacket on me  for posting this because you will just look like a fool. For one thing it's true. The organization may have been sacred cow but it's gone down the tubes and someone has to have guts enough to speak out and tell the Emperor he has no clothes on.

This blog has over 1500 posts in it . Dig through and you will find that since I was a child I have supported Dr. King, fair play, decency and have no time for racism. I want minorities to be successful. If for no other reason that it is a lot cheaper to have people paying taxes than dipping out of governmental coffers.

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