Friday, July 19, 2013

One of the things I fail to comprehend is how people can be so blind

Let's talk truth here.

Treyvon Martin was killed during the commission of a violent felony. His killer took his life in a clear cut case of self-defense and was found not guilty of any wrongdoing in a court of law in the State of Florida.

Yet the DOJ wants to pursue this and says that George Zimmerman violated Martin's civil rights.

There are a lot of people out there that want to see Zimmerman in court over this. It makes no sense and trying him would be a case of patent dishonesty on the part of the government. It seems that everyone here wants to go to the defense of a violent felon.

The truth is that we are making a bunch of excuses for a person'e inexcusable behavior.

I'm not saying that Zimmerman had the right to be judge, jury and executioner here. He didn't. Nobody does, but Zimmerman does have a right to live and has the right to defend himself against an attack and use whatever means at his disposal to stay alive and unharmed. That included deadly force.

If the attacker is harmed in the process than that is just too damned bad.

Zimmerman didn't want to kill Martin, he just wanted to stay alive and in one piece. This ins't anything unusual.

The truth of this is that the local chief of police had exonerated Zimmerman of murder charges in the days following and he was sent to go about his business.

Enter Fat Al Sharpton and Brother Jesse, both of whom have built their careers on lies. They turned the incident into a major racial issue instead of what it was.

What gets me about the entire incident is  how people can be so blind as to see what happened here.

A violent felon attacked someone and died in the attempt. It is as simple as that and yet people want to defend the felon. Incidentally, don't tell me he was a good kid, either because good kids do not attack people. The other excuse I see often is 'He was coming around' which is another lie for the same reason.

The truth of this matter is that Treyvon Martin was a violent felon that died during the commission of a violent felony and anyone defending him is defending something that is indefensible.

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