Thursday, October 16, 2014

I took my sweetie for a walk the other day.

 She's now six.

She never let go of my hand the entire walk.

She still gives me hugs when she sees me. It's funny how little kids remember things. Come Christmas it will be three Christmases since she became my sweetie.

She was three at the time and extremely shy. Her father had just finished putting up the Christmas lights and was lighting them up. I offered her my hand and offered to walk her across the street and let her look at the lights from the other side of the street.

She mulled it over, looked at the lights, then looked at me. Slowly she decided that overcoming her shyness was worth it to see the lights and she took my hand and we crossed the street together.

In the Christmas lights I saw awe, wonderment and childish delight on her face and after a while she and I walked back home across the street and she let go of my hand.

She's been my sweetie ever since.

It's interesting how kids like that remember things and make friends like that. I figured that by now she'd have forgotten it but I guess she hasn't. She was excited when I invited her to go for a walk and prattled on and on excitedly the entire walk.


I have read this before I posted it and have to add that being around kids is likely good for me. I had none of my own and being around them has a tendency of making me a little less of a grouchy person.

My sweetie's older brother is 12 and does a few odd jobs for me and takes care of the cat when I have a day's shopping or something like that to do. The cat likes him and he's good to him. He's an honest and responsible kid and that is something rare in this day and age.

Sometimes I pass advice on to him, but make it a point to keep his parents in the loop. I'd hate to sabotage their efforts.

Most recently I have spoken to him about the value of being a kind and generous big brother to his kid sisters. It's likely going to be hard. Kid sisters can be annoying at times, but with any luck it will pay off when he gets older.

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