Friday, October 10, 2014

A good read for those of us that are getting older.

This is a great read for those of us that are getting older

I have had a pretty good run so far, next month it will be 63 years.

As we know, all good things come to an end and I have thought about that since I turned 60 and posted that from that day on when I finally die it will be from old age.

If anyone asks what I died of, anyone that knows me is to say I died of old age. Period.

There is nothing more stupid than being at the funeral of a 123 year old woman and having someone ask, "I wonder what she died of?"

Somewhere in a doctor's office there is a form listing my mother's cause of death as having gotten into a knife fight during a wet T-shirt contest at Sturgis. She died in her mid 80s after a long life.

My family history is a mess of heart attacks in their late 50s, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. The latter is the worst way I can think of to go.

Over the years I have spoken quietly to a few relatives and said that if they were to ever hear that I went by my own hand that there must have been a damned good reason. 

Before everyone over reacts and starts carrying on and trying to ship me off to counseling and rehab, I am in good health and plan on sticking around a while.

Still, when the time comes along that the Grim Reaper has me on his list I reserve the right to go out with a little dignity. I have no desire to die slobbering in some kind of hospice covered with urine, drool, feces and not knowing who the hell I am.

We treat our pets better than we treat ourselves. Some time ago I put Blacks down. The poor kitty was suffering and I took her to the vets and put his suffering to an end. We ought to be able to let people do that sort of thing when it becomes necessary.

Those social engineer types can butt out on this one. Over the years those that have tried to save me from myself have not fared very well. Then again, if you ARE a social engineer that wants to come along with me when the time comes feel free to interfere.

Incidentally there have been a LOT of people over the years I have discussed this with and most of them have been in agreement. It's time the lawmakers paid attention.

I mentioned this to Mrs. Pic and she told me that if it was going to make a mess then I ought to take it outside. I do see her point.

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  1. I've always said 2 things in life that will never kill me. Cancer, and living in a nursing home. Have to add a 3rd one to the list after this year, kidney failure. But hell. I'm only 35, what do I know.