Monday, October 6, 2014

Passing the tricks of the trade on

One of the things us old bastards have to do is teach the youngsters a few tricks of the trade.

There's a kid that does me a few favors from time to time and gets along well with the cat. He watches him when I am out of town and does a great job.  

Last night I tossed him a bone and some advice. He got a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and I 'suggested' he take it home to his place and tell his sisters, "Hey, look what I got! Let's sit down and eat some!"

I explained to him that if he's good to his sisters now and throws them a bone or two that it will pay off as they get older.

I was pretty good to my youngest sisters and it paid off handsomely as I got older. During my visits home while I was on the road my sisters would often pass freebies they got on to me.

It didn't take much, just something like a leftover slice of pizza or an ice cream bar or some little thing. Be good to them now and they'll be good to you later.

Little things generally pay big dividends.

I like planting little seeds here and there. I hope that when I'm dead and gone that he remembers me when his sister gets free baseball game tickets and gives them to him.

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