Thursday, October 9, 2014

Yesterday sucked. Too many interruptions.

Today is likely not going to be a whole lot better because I now have a screwed up refrigerator to deal with. I don't know why but it looks like a lot of little passages plugged up with ice. I just moved my goods and garbage into a friend's and I'm just going to de-ice everything in it and then reboot. 

The freezer was working OK, though. It was the reefer part that is giving me trouble. We'll see.

The cat, of course, is thrilled by all of this. He gets to poke around and check things out. 

This is one of those breakfast of leftover pizza mornings.

I'm within striking distance of having the way-back cleaned up and I think I'll do that this morning and let the reefer take care of itself.

Better yet, the cat can take care f the reefer. It requires the skills cats have for such things. Kitty will assume the responsibilities of doing the heavy onlooking and the quick peeks and leave me to take care of the outside portion of things.

There's also a pine tree in the wayback that is acting like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and will likely drop soon. When it does it will likely take my end-fed wire antenna with it so I think I'll also do something with it. I'll put a 'weak link' behind the insulator so as to be a breakaway. When the tree finally does fall, the weak link will part and not jerk the wire from its moorings against the house.

I had to get something at the druggist's yesterday and I heard a soccer mom with a six-year old griping about the child proof cap.

The druggist explained that when it left the pharmacy it had to be capped that way but when it left the woman could do what she wanted.

"I'll show you a neat trick to getting these open," I interrupted helpfully. "Hand it to me."

She did.

I turned to her kid and handed the bottle to her. "Here, open this."

The kid had the bottle opened in about three seconds and I took it from her and handed it back to her mother.

"That's how you get a government mandated child proof pill bottle opened," I said. The druggist laughed.

The mother looked stunned.

"There's another sample of the government looking out for us," I said.

To find out why the blog is pink just cut and paste this: NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE WRITING OF TODAY'S ESSAY

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