Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I just got off a web site I frequent

and some member started a thread about his 8 year old kid trying for a Technician grade ham license.

If the kid is into it, it sounds pretty good to me.

I do believe this to be the case in this instance. A curiosity like this is something to be nurtured and fed. There is no telling what a kid with that kind of curiosity will do in life.

As usual, I'm going to mention the other side of the story.

When I started in on the thread I was going to brag that my daughter was four hours old when she passed the tests for Extra class. It would have been typical Piccolo sarcasm and I can figure some dumbass would believe it but I digress.

There's a huge difference between nurturing a kid and pushing a kid. A lot of parents push their kids too hard and wind up with sad results. Most of us know about the Jean Benet Ramsey type beauty contests where they take toddlers and dress and make them up for the pageants. It's really not right.

My guess in this instance of an 8 year old getting ready to test is that it is a  case of a curious kid and a patient father feeding the natural curiosity of his child.

Kudos to him for good fathering!


Yesterday while shopping I heard a mother use the word 'no' on her two kids. I admit I had to grin and when we saw each other I had to tell her that it  was refreshing seeing a mother doing a good job.

She seemed flattered.

Sometimes I'm too outspoken but I do have to admit that good parents should be complimented.

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