Sunday, February 28, 2016

I see where the governor of Mississippi

 has declared April to be Confederate Heritage Month. Good for him.

I live in Pennsylvania and this has no bearing whatsoever on what I pay for gasoline at the pump. Or what a six-pack of beer is going to cost me the next time I want one. 

It certainly isn't going to effect the prices the girls charge for a lap dance at the Kit Kat club.

So what's the big deal?

It simply ain't any of my business.

If the good people of Mississippi do not like this as far as I am concerned they can tar and feather their governor or re-elect him. Just so long as it doesn't raise what I pay at the pump or cough up for my next six-pack.

Enter the usual meddlesome suspects. 

I would imagine the Southern Poverty Law Center is going to declare the entire State of Mississippi to be a dangerous racist organization. The NAACP (another group that has outlived their usefulness) will start moaning and bellyaching.

The usual gang of liberal do-gooders that live in every state BUT Mississippi are going to get their bowels in an uproar. 

To top it off come the 26th of April, Piccolo will hold his First Annual Politically incorrect Confederate Memorial Day barbecue, weather permitting.  

I have never been a confederate flag kind of guy. However, I refuse to cave in to the politically correct set hence the upcoming barbecue.

Besides, isn't there a special rule out there that says specifcally 'Anything for a party?'

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