Thursday, February 18, 2016

I wrote this post some time ago and misplaced it

Right now I have nothing going on for a few minutes and I think I'll whip out a fast post.

I am NOT a political analyst and only put any predictions I make by taking what I find out and drawing my own conclusions.

I have been following the campaign of Donald Trump lately because if fascinates me. Trump has no political history and just threw his hat in the ring and very well may become the next president.

I really don't know what is  going to happen but from what i can see he very well may become our next president. Time will tell.

I can only make conclusions on what I see and find out. Like everythig else it is a batle for information. A lot of mine comes from the man on the street and I do admit that I don't travel in circles big enough to get the entire picture.

One thing I see is Jeb Bush making a complete idiot of himself by continuing to run. Then again, maybe he knows something the rest of us don't. It is entirely possible that there has been some kind of a backroom deal cut with him.

It would not surprise me to find the RNC is going to try and palm him off on us as the Republican candidate. If that happens an awful lot of people are either going to sit the election out or vote third party.

The way it looks, though, we are seeing Jeb Bush carry on with an indignant, constipated look on his face like a little kid that got cheated in a game of marbles.

Personally I wouldn't vote for anyone capable of being photographed with that look on his face. 

I wish he would just pack it in. He's already made such a fool of himself that nobody will vote for him in the General election anyway. So why not just pack it in and leave with what little dignity he has left.

Truth is, he doesn't appear to have any dignity and would only stand to gain if he left the race.

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