Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I was

 listening to a conversation the other day and someone was badmouthing another group. It didn't really matter who was being badmouthed.

 I'm not going to post who it was suffice to say that if you want to live in this country you had better get used to it. This is going to happen a lot. Can't do nothin' for you. Don't like it? Leave. It really is that simple.

Anyway, someone got on the badmouther's case and he replied that he had a right to speak out as he saw fit.

The badmouth Nazi, a supporter of the politically correct set, started in on how the badmouther was being offensive.

A third person, a teenager, spoke up.

"Sometimes freedom is offensive. Get used to it!" said the teenager.

Kudos to the teenager. Someone gets it.

Freedom. Sometimes it's a bitch.

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