Monday, February 29, 2016

Sailor stuff

One of the things that sailormen have to deal with is snarled deck lines. this is especially true if they are used on capstans and gypsy heads.

I have seen deckhands on tugboats and barges fighting to unsnarl lines by working the snarls out from the point of snarl to the end of the line. It's a slow, tedious process and not a whole lot of fun.

However, like a lot of things, there is an easy way to do this naturally.

WHen you are anchored or ties up simply take one end of the snarly old line and put three or four wraps around the capstan or gypsy head and tie the very end off so it can't slip off and get away. then lead the line to the nearest cleat ot timberhead and put either a round turn or half of a figure 8 on it.

Then simply toss the rest of entire line over the side and let the current take it away. Wait until the line has run out straight and then let it settle down for a few minutes.

Then simply haul it all back in with the capstan or gypsy head.

The round turn or half figure 8 will force the snarls to unwind and they will work themselves out of the deck line with no further ado. Simply coil it as it comes in.

When you have it coiled up you're done and the line is now snarl free.

Generally speaking, if you are sharp enough you can let Mother Nature do an awful lot of your work for you.

Again, Yes. It reaally is that easy.

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