Monday, February 8, 2016

One of the things I tend to do with

things I use a lot of over time is buy in bulk.

I do that a lot. 

Right now I am scoping a deal out for simple 25 watt light bulbs because they are somewhat hard to find and I use them in a specific lamp in the living room. A while back I scooped up a case of 24-7.5 Watt light bulbs. I go through these regularly and they are sort of hard to find and when I do they're somewhat expensive.

It actually makes sense to buy like this because it is a double whammy in savings. First of all you get them cheaper by bulk and secondly it saves on traveling around finding them. It's even more convenient as you can shop for stuff like that on line and have it delivered to the door.

The other day while I was grub shopping I saw bathroom tissue on sale and made a mental picture of the linen closet where I keep the stuff. I knew there was plenty of room on the shelf so I snagged a 36 pack and filled the shelf. That ought to last me for a while.

While picking stuff up in bulk puts a speed bump of sorts in the weekly budget you have to remember that over time you save a lot.

I think that part of poverty is the here and now mentality. The poor tend to buy just enough to get through the present time. The wealthier tend to think ahead.

I had to change oil in the pickup the other day and actually caught a pretty good oil and filter package deal so I bought two. Come the spring oil change I'll have it in the garage ready to go. While it isn't a whole lot, it does save me a couple bucks plus the trip to the auto parts store. These add up over time.

Anyway, that's the post of the day.  

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