Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fixing a light fixture

I was up early and saw the third little bulb out of four had burned out in the hall fixture. When I went to remove the bulbs both of them broke off.

Oh, well. 

I wanted to simply replace the entire fixture but then realized my wife would want to choose the fixture and if she chose the wrong one it would mean repainting the entire ceiling as there would be a mark where the old one was.

I looked at the fixture and saw the sockets were replaceable. Off to Lowe's for a four-pack. Of course they only had three so it was off to the next Lowe's and I snagged the fourth.

The old fixtures were brittle so I simply crushed them with pliers until they shattered.

The sockets fit right in like they were supposed to. I tied the wires together and put it together and installed it.

Good as new.

It's often easier, simpler and cheaper to rebuild stuff like that...IF you can get the parts.

Some time ago I rebuilt a lamp simply by purchasing another one on sale and stripping it for parts.  The parts would have run me about $15-20 while I bought the lamp on clearance for a measly six bucks.

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