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Catholic high school girls in trouble. Part 2: the formative years

This post has nothing to do with the title. I just asked the crew for a good title for tonight's post and that's what they came up with.

Sure gets your attention, though.

I crawled out of the rack and was told we were getting close to our next stop.

The newbie wandered over to the computer and sat down, "Gotta check the weather," he said.

I looked at him a second and said, "You'll need 2 sweatshirts and light raingear."

"How do you know, I haven't even downloaded the web site yet," he replied.

"I looked out the window," I replied.

Things like this seem to be happening a lot more frequently these days. It seems that people are so hooked on using the miracle electronic tools around us more and more to the point where they have forgotten the simple things.

I truly believe that there are people out there that can't even urinate unless the computer tells them when, where and how.

The Weather channel, weather station dot com, and a host of other things are pretty dopey things that people seem to let run their lives.

I'm not anti-technology by any sense of the word. A lot of what comes down the pike is certain to make our lives easier and more comfortable. The weather we get on the computer is great, and these days it is pretty accurate. For a seaman it can literally be the difference between life or death and I am grateful for it.

The internet is a great communications tool. I can keep tabs on anyone I want just about anywhere in the world in real time. Gone are the days of writing a letter and waiting for weeks for an answer. It's sure a lot nicer.

Still, though, even though you have all of the finest technology in the world at your fingertips, there is still no substitute for looking out the window every so often to see if you ought to wear your boots.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Cast Iron skillets are the way to got for this kid.

I think that I am going to snag another one for making stuff like chili in, maybe one about a foot in diameter.

I have three in three different sizes and for a guy living alone I use them for an awful lot of cooking, and certainly not just frying as I do not like a whole lot of fried stuff. The eight-incher is perfect for making corn bread in.

There's a smaller one I use for frying up a couple of eggs. It's the perfect size for that.

Then there is one that's a little bigger than the eight incher and it's a pretty good all purpose skillet.

Cast iron skillets are wonderful for baking in, too, as the heat evenly spreads through the dough or whatever that is being baked. The even heat distribution is great for frying or baking. You can't beat it.

I really believe that if you know how to use one and keep it seasoned it is pretty much as close to teflon is for being a no stick surface, although you do have to pay attention to things. You have to take care and keep things moving so they don't stick and when they do decide to stick you have to take care in not tearing the seasoning off of them.

Still, all in all I think they do a better job of cooking things,

Save the Lumins!

Daily the lives of countless lumins are snuffed out by heartless people every time they push a simple light switch into the off position. As the filament stops it's warm glow, so do the lives of countless lumins. It's ruthless and uncaring.

Stop the slaughter of these bright warm animals by leaving the light switch on so that every lumin in a light bulb will have a chance at a decent life. Remember, every time a light is turned off the lives of billions and billions of warm glowing lumins are senselessly snuffed out.

To help stop this senseless slaughter of billions of these brilliant warm animals, sent your donations to Piccolo Enterprises, 123 Main Street, Hometown USA where your money will go directly to the electric bill of Piccolo so he can save countless lumins and create countless more to help repopulate the planet with these warm, bright little creatures.

I swear, if I posted that ad in some big national publication like 'USA Today' some moron would send me money. I very well may recieve enough donations to offset the cost of advertising. Of course, if anyone did send me money, the government would cart me off because it is not nice to take money from people that are stupid enough to give it away even if I did use it to pay my increased light bill and save the lives of countless lumins in unused rooms at the Piccolo house.

Then again, if I had 'Save the Lumins' printed up on bumper stickers, I KNOW I could make money on them.

Go figure.

Maybe while we're at it we can save the skeets.

I can't see killing any more skeets until someone comes up with a decent recipe for them and I don't see that happening anytime soon.


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