Thursday, April 28, 2011

A day of miracles

The miracle that happened last night.

The morning after I got home from this tour I went to the feed and seed store and picked up 6 of those nursery flats and a bag of potting soil. Each flat has 48 little cups in it.

I filled the flats with potting soil and broke open a couple of envelopes of supermarket marigold seeds and planted four of the flats, for a total of 192 possible marigolds. Two days later I planted another one with poppies and the remaining one with zinnias.

I watered the hell out of them and put them next to the window.

This morning when I got up and made my coffee I looked at the marigold flats and lo and behold!

About thirty of the little guys have sprouted overnight! A couple of them are now about 3/8ths of an inch tall.

I have never truly been a gardener of any kind. For the past few years I have bought flats of annuals from building supply houses and nurseries and transplanted them to make the frony yard look nice. This is the first time I have tried to grow anything from seeds and it is a pretty neat thing to do.

The little guys sprouted last night while I slept.

I think that the frosts are over for the year, but I am not 100% sure so I'll keep an eye on the weather.

Today if the sun breaks through I'm going to put the flats out next to the driveway and start getting them used to being outside.

It's pretty neat!


Today's miracle.

I decided to start up the outside maintenance equipment today. Four small gasoline engines.

I took the lawn mower outside and pulled it through twice to set the choke and then filled the gas tank and waited about 30 seconds in order to fill the carb. It started on the first pull.

I filled the tank of the chipper/shredder and gave the carb a shot of ether. It started on the first pull.

The chain saw started up easily. On full choke it coughed on the first pull and then on half-choke it fired right up.

Mext came the weed whacker and that was the same as the chain saw. A first pull cough on full choke and a start on one pull on half choke.

All four tools ran like a top.

That's a bigger miracle than the miracle of life I got from the flowers!

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