Saturday, April 2, 2011

A couple of different short posts for today

Recently someone asked me what I have against little kids and the answer to that is nothing.

I enjoy having children around and they are welcome so long as they behave themselves. It's unruly little brats I have a problem with, and even then I really don't have a problem with the kid. I have a problem with the parent that lets the kid get away with things.

Undisciplined parents generally produce undisciplined kids and neither of them are welcome in my life.

There simply is no excuse whatsoever for a kid to be permitted to misbehave in public. It's not only bad parenting it is outright rude behavior to permit a child to carry on and inflict a caterwallering child on the general public.

Ask the parents of a caterwallering child if they have set up a fund for the little whelp's education and it's a pretty good bet that they have.

Then tell them it's time to spend some of it. They will give you a surprised look.

That's when you tell them to go onto eBay and buy a $60 taser and use it.


At Home Depot the other day I was looking for a specific item.

I asked for help and the man simply told me that they don't carry the item so he told where I could find it.


He didn't try and bait and switch me or try cram something down my throat that I didn't want.

This man simply tried to help me get what I wanted.

On a sad note, I'll bet you he doesn't get too far in life with that attitude these days.

Wow! What a concept! Trying to help people! Whoda ever thought?


There is a small welding shop nearby that I visit every couple of years for some small thing or another.

Interesting people. There is the owner and one employee and they do beautiful fabrication there.

Every few years a project of some sort pops up and I take it there and generally they charge me either some small token or nothing.

A couple of days ago I went in there looking for a piece of steel about 1/8th inch thick and about 16 inches square. I needed it for the tanker I work on to use as a permanant 'Bravo' flag. They generously let me have a piece out of their scrap pile and when I asked them what I owed them, they told me to forget about it.

I took it home, primed it and gave it a couple of coats of red paint and it looks pretty good. My relief will be pleased to see it when I put it where it belongs.

Of course, I will drop off a six-pack or something for them one of these days because it is only fair and besides, I want them to know that I appreciate them.

It is imperative that you return favors because if something becomes a one-way street the road eventually gets blocked off.


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