Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Signage wanted

Somehow my old sign disappeared and I want it replaced with a professional looking one.

It is to be set up on my lawn when I mow it.

It should read as follows:

Ground cover readjustment project

Federal funds $0.00
State funds $0.00
County funds $0.00
Local funds $0.00
Grand total $0.00

No tax dollars 'at work' here

If there are any of you sign makers out here that can make one that will fit on a 3' high by 2' wide piece of plywood, let me know. If the price is right I'll buy it.

In other news I made a grave marker for the cat I put to sleep a few weeks ago. I took a small piece of copper plate and had a jeweler put on it:

a pretty good cat

I then screwed the plate onto a flat piece of marble and it is in the garden to mark his final resting spot.

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