Saturday, April 23, 2011

Picolo on professional sports

154 MILLION dollars over 7 years baseball deal?

I just read where the Red Sox have cut a deal with a first baseman named Gonzalez for $154,000,000 over seven years.

That's ridiculous and adds yet one more reason why I don't pay a whole lot of attention to baseball.

Of course, this could get me shot if I ever have to re-enter American lines at night and forget the password because I don't know who won the World Series. I really don't care, either.

For the love of some old lady, baseball is a kids game. It is not a contact sport and the liklihood of getting seriously injured is pretty small.

Of course, someone has to cough up about $22 million to pay this guy and you can bet your patoochie that it ain't gonna be the fat cats that own the club. The fans are going to get the honor of paying this overpaid athlete for playing a kid's game by increased ticket, hot dog, beer,soda and memorabilia prices.

Enter the $20 hot dog and the $30 beer.

Twenty years ago ticket prices had already gotten to the point where taking the family to see a ball game was becomming a once or twice a season event. It was a real treat back then instead of being the American Pastime it was once slated.

This aggravates me to the point where I'd like to see Pete Rose get some kind of pardon so he could be placed in the baseball hall of fame where he belongs. After all, good old Charlie Hustle, as he was sometimes called had a love for the game that he would have willingy played it for, say, $20,000 a season.

I listen to these professional athletes whine about being underpaid and can't help but remember why I opted out being any kind of a professional sports fan. I have had no interest whatsoever in any professional sports in about thirty years. The spark that set me off was a baseball strike years ago.

I simply decided that I would have nothing to do with encouraging these overpaid whiners and have not given them anything for decades and will continue to do so.

I still get my baseball, though. One of the mothers down the street is raising a trio of boys, all three play ball in one of the local leagues all summer long. I figure I have a few more years of having an inside contact with the pony league schedule. Free admission, hot dogs about two bucks and brown bag a 16 ounce beer to wash the dogs down with.

It's great watching the youngsters play their hearts out simply for the love of the game and the games I watch are played by kids just old enough to put on a pretty good show.

All I know is that when I heard the money being paid a first baseman for the Red Sox, I simply feel pretty good about the decision I made to ignore professional sports.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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