Monday, April 25, 2011

One of the things people do not know about me

is that I am bilingual.

I speak very fluent High School Spanish. You can take me to any Spanish class in the nation and I will be able to communicate with the students there very well.

Unfortunately, that is about the only place that High School Spanish is spoken.

I recall a trip down to Old Mexico back in the 70s that I got to go on for cheap over a Christmas vacation and I sort of hooked up with this chick that went along. One night we went out for dinner at a nice little place that looked like you wouldn't get too sick there.

Being the suave, handsome and debonair devil I am, I started to order in my perfect High School Spanish. I ordered us a couple of steaks and a couple of beers plus a few other odds and ends.

The waiter smoothly replied in perfect idiomatic unaccented Milwaulkee English.

"Let's try this again in English," he said. "You just ordered a pair of baked stuffed elephants. I don't think you two are going to be able to finish them."

I instantly re-ordered in English.

One of the things about posting here is that I have the choice to pick and choose what I want to post and anyone with half a brain knows that history is generally written by the victors.

It hasn't all been peaches and cream.


Last night I had a little flash that went through my mind.

I got to see how fast time passes and how important it is not to waste it.

It was just about ten seconds ago when I was bellyaching about shoveling snow and now spring is in the air. The snows are gone and things are starting to poke their way out of the ground. I will be planing a boatload of seeds when I get home and doing all sorts of things to get ready for the upcoming season.

The lawn will need to be mowed and there will be weeding and the neighborhood will be back in full swing.


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