Sunday, April 3, 2011

Prince William is getting married

and everyone is agog that he is not going to wear a ring.

Big deal. There are a lot of guys that do not wear a wedding ring. In fact, there are a lot of smart wives of men who work with machinery that do not want their husbands to wear wedding rings because they like their husbands to have all of their fingers.

In other news, the poor Japanese have had the living snot beat out of them by a tsunami. Several boatloads of people were killed and there was the closest call we have had to a nuclear disiaster on the planet since Chernobyl. God knows what the after effects are going to be. It very well may effect generations of Japanese and God knows who else. The poor Japanese are still digging out the living and burying the dead.

Taxes are going up as usual, the people in Wisconsin are up in arms over public employee pensions.

The troops, already involved in Afghanistan ane Iraq are facing the possibility of being dragged into Libya to get shot at there.

Elvis is still dead and the neighbors want to hang me for going section 8 subsidized housing on my bird houses.

Yet the biggest story going now is Prince William does not want to wear a wedding ring.

Ask me if I care about what Prince William wears on his finger.

Better yet, ask Prince William if he thinks his decision not to wear a wedding ring is worth all the ballyhoo.

Betcha we both give you the same answer.

Then again, I hope that when the time comes for Prince Harry to bite the dust I hope he has enough sense to ditch his security people, run off with his sweetie and elope. A nice Las Vegas wedding chapel would do nicely.

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