Thursday, April 14, 2011

The past 24 hours seem to have swamped me with new readers.

To those that have spread the blog to others, I thank you.

To those new readers, a bit of an explaination is in order.

I am a career seaman that is nearing the end of a life I made made mainly working on the water for well over the past three decades. I am in my 60th year now and have had a pretty wild time. Unlike a lot of people that seem to rust out, I swore as a lad that I wanted to wear out and I can say truthfully that even though I know I do not have long left on the planet, I do not see the end coming soon.

I'm lucky to be in pretty good shape to the point that my old three and a half decade army uniform still fits me pretty good.

Bear with me. I am a lousy typist.

This blog is nothing more than a discipline for me to make me try to stay sharp and creative. There is no rhyme nor reason to it and the way I pick the subject of the day is to simply get up and face the keyboard and write.

While yesterday's post has seemed to whipped through cyberspace like nothing I have ever seen before, the truth is that I write this blog for myself. If nobody read it I would still write it. It is a personal labor of love.

I'm flattered that so many people have read yesterdays post. It's just another day in a person that is going through life the best they can and I really don't see why it seems to be so pouular.

As I near the end of my seafaring career, I am pretty much happy with the way I turned out and it's a lot of fun recounting adventures of a checkered career.

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  1. Just read your hotel/motel story....
    Your now in my RSS reader.
    Soon to be on my blogroll.