Wednesday, June 22, 2011

COlonoscopy today. All is well.

I like the doctor. He's a pretty good guy.

Born in India, I'm gonna make him a member of the Sons of Ireland by bringing him a bottle of Jameson's.

Last time I think I offended him a bit when I looked up at him and said "Gee, Doc! Last time I saw you you saved my life. I guess you was just tryin' to make up for scalping me at the Little Big Horn"

The nurse turned purple and told me that that was the most politically incorect thing she had ever heard. I told the nurse that that was a good thing as political correctness is going to be the ruination of the country.

Then I looked at the Doc and he looked a little confused.

I turned to the nurse and told her I only pick on the people I like and ignored her.

I think the Doc figured out there was no malice in what I said.

This year I told hm I wanted to get him a blttle of Jamesons and induct him into the Sons of Ireland and he laughed outright.

Another thing is that the new style prep kit seemed to work a lot better this time around. It only took three hours or so start to finish to clean me out as the new stuff worked better. The last time was a horror show. I drank the entire half-gallon and nothing happened for three hours so I went to a drug store and got something I knew would work and as soon as I got home and took it, I purged for the next several hours and didn't get to bed until the wee hours and woke up exhausted.

I don't menntion this to be crude, it is simply another part of life.

On eBay news. When I bought my ham rig from England I bought a few odds and ends off of eBay. Two of the four items were in my mail box three days before I ordered them.(Read:They shipped them out instantly)

The other two have not arrived yet. Ons shipped without a tracking number, probably some sore of slow boat from Staten Island and the other sent me a tracking number that never seemed to go anywhere. I would look it up and all it would say is that the shipper had been given a tracking number and that the PO was waiting to recieve the package.

I wrote the shipper and the company said they were confused and said they'd send me another one with another tracking number. Same deal.

In a couple of days I will write eBay and have them handle it.

This sucks because I wanted to have this stuff so I could use it while I am home.

ebAY will help if I ask them to because they know that their reputation is at stake. I understand they are brutal about bogus deals, still I am of the old school that tries to avoid telling an adult to solve my problems. I only use that as a last resort.

Maybe more later today as I still feel a little dopey.

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