Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hurry up and wait is the order for the day

which in not uncommon for this business.

Seeing I have some time on my hands I'll post something for today.

I have located a pretty good ham radio kit that seems to interest me. It is Old School military which seems to suit me as MilSpec gear is generally pretty simple to operate.

The average ham is a radio enthusiast and wants all of the bells and whistles on his rig and that means a complex set. While maybe I will grow into that I am certainly not looking to walk in on some set where every knob is multifunction. I'm looking to get inst something simple and that often means another trip to the surplus outfits.

This one even comes with a hand cranked generator that means I don't need an outside power source. Just grab some 8 year old and feed him 2 Red Bulls and a bag of sugar cookies and there is your power supply.

"Gee, Honey, Ralph has been coming in tired lately. Wonder what's up?"

"I dunno, Phyllis, but he looks like he's working on a pair of 19 inch biceps."

With a rating of 30 watts it means there is enough power to do some pretty good DXing if you are patient and willing to set up a temporary outside antenna (included).

I like packages like this. Neat, clean, simple and everything is there.

I stopped off at a ham outlet en route to work and started scouting and learning. There is a lot of stuff you need to get going. First you need a transceiver, then a power supply and an antenna tuner and an antenna and so on and so on. It adds up and it adds up fast.

Granted, you get 100 watts out of it but you actually need to set up a dedicated shack while the manpack rig can be set up just about anywhere  and when not in use, just put up on a shelf.

I think this is the way I want to go as I don't really want to set up a dedicated radio shack.

We'll see what happens next.


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  1. Do you have a link to this rig? It sounds interesting...