Monday, June 13, 2011

a little advice to younger guys

This morning I had a couple of light bulbs to change, which is pretty much a daily job on a boat because the power comes from generators and in the generator room there is some vibration that destroys them at a pretty good clip.

I noticed that I was somewhat more careful than I had been in the past as far as climbing on top of the diesel to reach the light. It was somewhat enlightening as I generally just hop up there without a care in the world.

The thing I notice is that I was a little more cautious than I used to be because I realized that I was cheking my hand holds a little more than I used to.

Then it struck me that I was subconciously being a little more careful than I was when I was younger.

While I am certainly not unable to climb areound and do my job, it is interesting to note that I have realized that I am not made of rubber anymore. One good spill and I am out of the business.

Of course, when I was younger one good spill could have taken me out, too but I was too young and dumb to realize it. The bullet proofedness of youth. Nothing can hurt a young guy, or so they think until they wind up in the hospital. It's the reason the Air Corps recruited young guys. They'd fly with a recklessness and have no fear whatsoever until they were shot out of the sky.

Still, as one gets older they realize that there are things out there that can hurt you and that it can happen to you.

There was also another thing that occurred to e twhile I was on top of that diesel changing the light bulb.

I sure wish I had taken the precautions as a younger man that I do now that I am rapidly approaching old age.

It sure would have saved me a lot of pain and suffering as a younger man.

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