Sunday, June 19, 2011

a pair of fawns and the neighbors little kids

From time to time I find myself dealing with children, which is OK because they can be very entertaining and it is the duty of older people to help younger people along the path of life.

I was up the other morning and saw that the woman across the street was out with two of her three kids. She and I chatted for a few minutes about the deer that populate the neighborhood. I told her that the twin fawns bed down in my backyard and offered to show her and the kids where so they could watch the fawns wake up the following morning. Mom and the kids were jazzed.

The youngest girl is the one that overcame her shyness last Christmas and walked with me across the street to look at the Christmas lights her dad had just set up. Of course, the following day she went back to being shy.

But when the opportunity to find out where the fawns slept arose, her face lit up and she reached up and took my hand and the two of us led the way. Mom and the older daughter followed.

I explained to the little one that when they were up and in the grass she had to be quiet so as not to scare them and she got a little excited and grew quiet. The silence and excitement were almost overwhelming but it was fun because that is the way small children are.

The excitement the little one showed was delightful to watch. It doesn't take a whole lot to get a kid like that all excited about something and for an older person it is fun to watch and brings back memories of their own childhood.

When we got to the hill I showed the two girls where to look and where to sit so as to get a good view of the animals when they awaken all sleepy eyed in the morning and admonished them to be quiet soa as not to acare the critters.

For a few minutes I thought the mother might be annoyed because now her kids were going to start bugging her to take them to see the animals, but she was grateful, too as she enjoys watching them, too.

A newly born fawn in my back yard

a pair of sleepy eyed fawns waking up to face the new day.

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