Thursday, June 23, 2011

One of the things I have learned is to show a little patience

before I charge into a situation with the guns blazing.

Right now I have 2 situations I am dealing with and I am going to remain cool and collected until I know exactly what is going on.

One of them is an eBay deal and it seems that the person sends me a tracking number and when I trace it it says that the parcel has not been mailed yet. I figure someone in the shipping department is not doing their job so i will contact the salesman and report this to him.

The other has just stopped being a problem as a few minutes ago I recieved an email explaining that he had made a mistake.

The latter is easy to forgive and let slide. Yes, it is inconvenient and it is an aggravation but he was forthright and admitted that he HAD made a mistake and has offered to rectify it.

We ALL make mistakes and I have little problem with people that do and correct things as beat they can.

The eBay deal I think I can correc because I think I know what is going on.

First of all I am dealing with a large operation which means several people.

I figure the guy that is in shipping is either lazy, stupid or maybe dishonest.

I figure the shipping guy simply gets a tracking number for the parcel and fails to take it to the post office and either simply forgets or even possibly steals the unit and sells it somewhere else.

Something isn't right and I'd just bet that a tactful word to the salesmann is going to get pretty good results.

We'll see.

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