Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who's the jerk?

I have a shipmate that lives on a boat and boy, do a lot of people thing he's a jerk.

Let's look at why.

It's because he won't take people out in it when they ask him. Boy, what a jerk he is.

These people offer to bring the beer and a picnic lunch and still he won't. Boy, what a jerk!

He live on this boat and it is his home. He pays all the slip rent, and all of the expenses out of his pocket because he has a job which is unlike some of the people that seem to ask him.

Jeez! You'd think he would like to take everyone out and show his boat off!

He would, too except for one silly little reason; he can count.

The boat makes 11 knots at 6 gallons per hour. For a fourteen trip that's 84 gallons of fuel.

At $3.47/gallon that means that the 14 hour trip has cost someone in the vicinity of $291.48 for fuel.

Not a whole lot of the people that try and invite themselves for a 14 hour ride offer to cough up even a part of the fuel bill. He really can't afford to cough up the better part of three bills every time someone wants to go for a boat ride. The poor bastard works for a living and isn't as rich as Bill Gates.

When he tell people that they are going to have to do a little more than come up with a couple of six-packs and a Subway sandwich and a bag of chips they get a little upset and wonder why he is so selfish with his boat.

He told me that generally the people that ask and get offended when he refuses are generally unemployed and are living off of some sort of government relief. I guess they think that everythign in life is free.

A few of the people that ask are underemployed and do not realize the costs associated with running a boat like his.

Every once in a while he reports that a person that has a good job offers to pay for fuel if he will take them fishing. Of course, not a lot of people that have good jobs seem to be able to go out on his boat with him, though. This is because they are too busy working.

Still, most of the people that try invite themselves are refused and they think he's a jerk because he won't take them out and spend $300 out of his pocket just to entertain them.

What i would like to know who the real jerks are and I'd have to say it is not my shipmate.

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