Sunday, June 12, 2011

I have covered this one before but it irks me so bad I'll cover it again.

One of the things I have noticed much to my chagrin is the dumbing down of things.

It always seem like we have to live a lot of our lives by having things dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.

A while back I took a fire fighting class and had to sit through it bored to tears because the poor teacher had to slow things down to make sure the handful of dummies understood what was being taught.

Looking back on it, things were not all that bad as the dummies in the class were not all that bad in that they were motivated and had at least the required half of a brain needed to do well in the class. All but one, anyway.

The class was actually a rehash of a rehash of a rehash of something required and I really didn't want to be there repeating the basics. It would havebeen nice if we could have rehashed the basics for a quick refresher and gone ahead with something new, but we couldn't.

It was a shame because there were so many of us that had the basics under our belt that were interested in learning more. When you get right down to it the things we learn can save our lives.

A lot of other things seem to get dumbed down, too.

There are a number of things that I have seen over the years get dumbed down.

College admissions are one.

A while back there were a number of schools that wanted some sort of racial diversity so they started accepting minority candidates for admission that had lower test scores and grades because they wanted to show people that their institution was not racist.

Instead they sent out a message to the minorities that they were not as capable as everyone else because they were permitting them to enter the institution with lower scores.

It is quite refreshing to report that I know of one Black female that refused to put down her race on a college application because she did not want to be accepted to the school based on her race or sex. Seems she thought that dumbing things down was an insult to an entire race, which it is.

In addition to this, they have probably in many cases dumbed down many of the classes which generally lowers standards and everyone loses because now everybody knows the school has just lowered its standards. Graduates are no longer in as much demand as they were.

And on and on it goes until you find that the person that is now going to perform a complex medical proceedure on you is a diploma mill graduate and his credentials have come off of a Wheaties box.

The way I see things is that standards should only go UP, not down and the standards should apply to everyone. That was society improves.

Dumbing anything down serves no purpose except to hurt us all.

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