Monday, June 27, 2011

Yesterday was a day of labor which I guess was OK

As usual, nothing is easy.

Last year we cut three arbor vituses down that were in the corner of the house. They had gotten way too tall and were leaving a lot of stuff on the roof. Because we were putting a new roof on it was decreed that they go away which I was all for.

Now where once stood three trees it was determined that some decorative tall grasses should go there. It required four holes which meant tearing up a boatload of roots. Anyway, describing what hapened would be futile save that several wheelbarrows of dirt were dug up and had to be hauled away which was done.

Soon the bare weeded corner will look nice.

Then the hedge needed trimming which I got done.

This morning I am grub shopping for the boat as I go back to sea soon. I already have three gallons of milk in the freezer which will serve as ice to keep the cold stuff cold for the trip to work. When I get there four of the six will go into the ship's freezer and the other two will be thawed out for immediate use.

This time home went too fast and I got too little time to myself.

Last night I was calling any station and I got an answer and inside two minutes I was in a chat with 3 other guys in New Jersay, about 300 miles away. Not bad for my little rig.

One of the guys I know had his laptop next to his rig and looked it up. He asked me if I was using the battery/generator rig or had an external power supply.

I told him I was using a power supply as the native boy had the night off.

"Native boy? You in Africa?"

"Naw, Pittsburgh," I replied. "My native boy is the kid across the street. I just tape a KFC bone to his upper lip. Instant native...of Pittsburgh."

They got a boot out of that.

Maybe more later today.

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