Sunday, June 26, 2011

One of the things I like about this daily little blog is that I do not have someone

picking my subjects for me and I can do as I please.

I can gripe here, I can tell a story can congragulate someone for something well done, I can ridicule someone for doing something stupid.

I can ridicule the public for puttiing that incompetent boob Obama in office if I so desire, but there are enough people doing that already and a lot of them do a better job than I do.

Last night I had an interesting conversation with a neighbor. He is not very optimistic about the future.

He seems to me to be one of those fly under the radar type people that fail to understand that flying under the radar ganerally means you are low enough to be within range of small arms fire.

WHile evasion is quite often a good idea, there are times when confrontation is necessary.

One of the jobs I had in the service was to be sort of a scout-recon type and unlike what civvies may think I was not to engage with my rifle if I could possibly avoid it. My tool was the radio because with it I coud bring an awful lot more force into the fight simply by directing the 18 each 155 howitzers in the battalion. My job was to fly under the radar, so to speak.

Stealth can be a great tool but there comes a time when force is necessary and I wonder a little about my neighbor.

He's worried about what is going to happen when this spending the government is doing catches up with us.

Social programs are going to have to be cut and with that the paaeasement of the low-lifes will come to a halt. He expressed concerns of groups of newly cut off welfare types combing the suburbs.

I suppose it is a real fear because it looks like something has to be done and it either means HUGE taxation of HUGE spending cuts.

My answer to a small part of this is a Garand, a .45 a pretty good stockpile of ammunition and a willingness to use them. I said that one time to someone down the street and they got pretty wide eyed and asked me why I wouldn't call the police.

If things get to that the police are not going to be looking out for the little guy very much and the little guy will be on his own. The answer is going to be that the neighborhoods band together and take care of themselves.

The truth is that the neighborhoods that do this and make it very clear that they mean serious business will probaby fare better than those that do not.

Some of the people that worry about the future have exppressed fears that the entire structure will collapse and we'll be back to living in caves, I don't see it that way.

Nobody wants the entire system to fail, and that means from the top down. The big guys will lose too much money and the little people do not want to move into darkness. The power grid is not going to shut down. Neither is the banking system going to fail.

What is a more realistic scenario is that when we decide that everyone will now have to pull their own weight that a lot of leeches are going to have a serious reality check handed them and they will become very bitter and very resentful.

The late Blaine Welsh once said to me, "Pic, if you give a guy fifty bucks a day, no strings attached for three consecutive days and stop doing it on the fourth, he will hate you for stopping."

Over the years I have found that to be right.

Our problem, one which we have made for ourselves is that we have made it too easy to live in poverty by setting up a welfare state. When we finally decide to end this, there are going to be a lot of confused and angry people out there and they are going to go into a panic.

There will probably be the usual group of malcontents (males age 15 to 40) that will try to play the 'let's take things away from people' game and then we will have a fight on our hands.

The neighborhoods that put up a good fight will pretty much be left alone. Nobody really wants a nice, bloody sucking chest wound and human nature is to avoid places that deal this sort of thing out.

As a society we have brought it on ourselves by so-called compassion.

We give-operative word here is 'give'-all sorts of things to our poor; cell phones, internet access, and disposable income, asking nothing in return.

What we don't give them is the satisfaction of earning it.

Ben Franklin once said that the only way to get rid of poverty is to make is so hard being poor that the poor will find a way to climb out of it.

I think he was right.

While I do not think that we ought to allow people to starve or freeze to death in this country, I do believe that we ought to make welfare a dead basic program whereby low income housing simply consists of a cot in an unused barracks somewhere and a couple of basic Government Issue meals a day which the person accepting this will pay for by working around the area on infastructure projects.

It won't be much of a life and you can bet your boots that there will be an awful lot of people that decide that a 9 to 5 job even at Burger King is a whole lot better lot in life.

It wouldn't take a lot of time before that sort of welfare program would dwindle down to practically nothing.

People that are now tax burdens would then become tax payers and the whole system would improve.

Of course, there would be the element that thinks they can make their living by stealing from others. The answer to that is really quite simple.

Castle doctrine laws should be changed so that people have the right to defend their lives and property whereever they happen to be and using the force needed to do so.
In other news, my zinnias and marigolds are coming along very nicely.

Last night 40 and 80 meters were a zoo as I guess it was a ham field day weekend.

Maybe tonight I will go on 80 meters on 3.898 and CQ Arfcom.


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