Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There is another side to the teacher issue

and that is the student. Or, really, the parents.

When one of the students is maliciously disruptive and slows the class down, it is the duty of the teacher to throw him out on his ass and send him up to the office for the discipliniarians to deal with him. If his conduct does not improve than simply throw him out on his ass and stop making excuses for him/her.


I get sick and tired of hearing parents tell me that their kids classes get slowed up by the angry few. It simply is not fair to the students that really want to learn something.

I don't care if little Johnny has something wrong with him because his mother fed him with the wrong spoon and I don't care if he has some type of disorder. Throw him out of the class and let the kids that want to get ahead do so. The entire purpose of school is to prepare them for the real world and school should do just that.

If Johnny's parents want to make an issue out of it and insist the school has no right to throw him out than put him in with a class of like minded students and put him where he belongs.

Parents have to get involved, too.

School is a place to learn and if the parents are looking to park their misbehaving little whelp they can simply hire a baby sitter. Schools are not baby sitting services but places to learn.

The reason schools have gotten the way they are is simply because the schools have permitted things to get that way.

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