Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I am up early because

 of the racket the crane outside is malking because my mate has gotten up early to get things done to beat the heat.and the crowds.  I can not slight him for this. He manages to get a lot done before he calls it a day.

There's a lot to do today and as soon as I post this I am going to hit it hard. It is going to be another day of hard times and heat.

This is a pretty professional crew.

It is going to be a long drive home for me and I wonder if I can get off of this thing on time to take a side road I have wanted to travel  on for about 15 years. US 250.

It goes though the mountains of West Virginia and I traveled it about 15 years ago but it was mostly at night.

SHortly after you leave Charlottsville, Virginia it gets pretty and when I traveled it fifteen years ago I was somewhere in West Virginia when in my headlights I saw a guy in bib overalls carrying a rifle cross the street in front of me. I have wondered what that was all about for years. Maybe he was a moonshiner. WHo knows.

ANyway, it looks like I am going to get my chance to run off and see it this time by daylight unless something else pops up and things go to pot.

We'll see.

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